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We have A+ certified technicians in the shop

We can repair your: Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini and some older iPhones and iPad models.

We can also repair your HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, MSI and many other laptops and desktops

We take walk-ins or you can call us for appointment.

We can backup and retrieve your lost data

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We have A+ Certified technicians to work on Toshiba, Dynabook, DELL, HP, Lenovo, Asus, MSI and many other computer brands.

We can also work on your PlayStation and some other electronics


       About us

Computerland was the leading global chain of retail computer stores during the early years of the personal computer revolution. The first Computerland opened in 1976 and the chain grew to about 800 stores by 1985. Chosen to introduce IBM’s first personal computer (PC) in 1981, it quickly became the supplier of choice to businesses and individuals across the U.S.

We acquired the Computerland of Hayward store in 1977, and over the next few years our customer base grew from mom-and-pops to major corporations,  servicing all kind of computers.

Today, as Computerland of Berkeley, we are recognized as one of the most consistently reliable service centers for Apple and Windows PCs. Our technicians are A+ certified so they can work on many Windows-based brands like Toshiba/Dynabook, HP, Lenovo, Dell and many other brands.

Computerland of Berkeley has the experience, history, products, and great pricing and service that solves just about any problem, and always makes that extra effort. You can call us to make appointment or just walk in to our store in downtown Berkeley. 

Our Servuces
Computer Repair
  • Hardware failure

  • Liquid damage

  • Drop damage

  • Software issues

  • Hard drives & SSD

  • Memory

  • Software & Apps

  • Operating System


  • Virus and malware removal​

  • Tune-ups

  • TM Backups

  • Data retrieval

  • Data restore 


Long story short, butter fingers over here dropped her MacBook Pro Tuesday night and broke the retina display -- took it in Wednesday morning, and they had it fixed by Thursday afternoon. 

I used AppleCare+. Service was quick and friendly, I highly recommend them!

Stephanie B.
Yelp Review

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